Paperless rent payments

The bad news is that KRF doesn't accept credit card payments for rent. The charges imposed by the banks and the credit card companies are too high – and with rents going up because of the new property taxes, we don't want to raise them even more to cover this admitted convenience.

The good news is that everyone who has on-line access to his or her bank account can make paperless rent payments. There are two methods, both free to account holders when available. Either lets you order the payment on a one-time basis whenever you want, or allows you specify that it be made on a regular schedule. The scheduled option is especially convenient for rents since the same is due on the same day every month.

Once you've set up either Bill Pay or Pop Money, you can log into your on-line account every month and enter the payment order. Or, if you wish, you may specify once that the payment be sent monthly, on a day of your choosing, through the term of your lease.

Neither Bill Pay nor Pop Money is instantaneous. If you order a payment on the first of the month, we won't get it until the 5th or 6th. We won't charge a late fee for the delay in receipt of a payment order you submit this way before the 5th of the month – even if we don't actually receive it until a few days later.

There are two added benefits.

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