Local thrift store not associated with Penn State child abuse scandal

The Second Mile Center is a highly regarded thrift store on 45th Street between Locust & Walnut, directly across from the KRF Management Office. This store – which offers a variety of clothing, household items, furniture, and some electronics – is a charitable faith-based organization that preaches and practices a code of high ethical and moral standards. Part of its mission is to assist ex-offenders and persons with past histories of drug use develop personal responsibility and make a transition to productive work as respected members of society.

Our local Second Mile Center is not in any way associated with the Second Mile Foundation headquartered in State College PA which has recently been in the news because of child abuse accusations against its founder.

If you've patronized their store in the past, please do not hesitate to continue doing so because you erroneously suspect they may be involved in highly questionable activities. If you've never visited their operations, consider doing so now. They may have items you find you can use, and – right now – the organization and its employees need as much community support as they can get.

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