Pet emergency preparation

The fate of pets in the event of a fire has come to the fore because of concerns about cats still living in the Windemere Apt complex at 48th & Walnut. After a serious fire, the city declared the building as a hazardous site and ordered it sealed. Some people did break in anyway — looters as well as folks who had lived there and animal rescue voluneers. A few cats were saved. A few others have been lured out of the building and into "have-a-heart" type traps.

Fortunately, nobody who went inside got hurt.

A West Philadelphia organization known as City Kitties has posted some information on the Internet about precautions you can take to protect your pets, in preparation for situations we all hope will never arise. It's on-line at http://citykitties.org/find-help/emergency-preparedness/.

This notice posted courtesy of Pluto and friends.

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