Emergency furnace shut-off switches

As a safety measure, KRF Management has installed emergency furnace shut-off switches at locations in all buildings where they can be readily accessed by tenants. These switches should be instantly recognizable because they have red cover plates and are imprinted to say "Oil Burner Emergency Shutoff," "Gas Burner Energency Shutoff," or words to that effect.

If your building has a common hallway and a fire alarm panel, the switch will be located above the panel – high enough so it won't be shut off accidentally. If your residence has a direct entrance to the outside, depending on the details of your layout, the switch may be:

This switch should be kept in the "ON" position under all normal circumstances. It should only be moved to the "OFF" position if there's a safety-related reason for shutting down the heating system – such as a fire or the odor of smoke, oil, or gas that seems to be coming from the basement. If you shut down the system for any reason, call the office to alert us immediately. Depending on the condition, after shutting down the system, you may also want to notify the Fire Department by calling 911.

Three other points:
  1. Leave the switch in the "ON" position even if it's not during heating system. We will have the furnace shut down with the master control.
  2. Do not use the emergency switch to lower the temperature in your unit. If you're too warm, notify the office and we'll make the necessary adjustments.
  3. If you shut the furnace down accidentally, return the switch to the "ON" position right away; there is no danger in doing so.

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