Auxiliary sources of heat

The heating systems in KRF buildings – and other older structures in Philadelphia and elsewhere – have been working as hard as they can to keep everyone comfy during the unusually cold weather this winter has brought us.

Sometimes, they just can't quite get everything up to the 68-to-70 degree range we try to maintain as a minimum. If this is the case in your apartment:

Here's what NOT to do. Do not use any source of auxiliary heat except an enclosed oil-filled electric radiator with a built-in temperature controller. Other devices, such as kerosene heaters or electric heaters with exposed coils, are extremely dangerous. And using your cooking equipment for space heating is hazardous as well.

As we advised everyone in a memo last week, a young lady who worked for the Second Mile Center died in a fire caused by her use of the stove to boost the temperature in her apartment (the furnace was working in the building).

And, here's an item that appeared in the January 30 edition of The Press of Atlantic City:

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