Extermination schedule — 2nd Tuesday of every month

Occasional bugs and mice are inevitable in older inner-city buildings.

KRF therefore performs monthly routine extermination of all units. This service will be done on the second Tuesday of every month. If you are having a particular problem, you can notify us at any time and we'll take appropriate action. Also, if you notice a problem, be sure to advise us a day or so before the second Tuesday so we can give your unit extra treatment on our regular visit.

We'd also appreciate:

If you keep your trash inside your apartment rather than take it outside to the receptacles every day, you're asking for trouble. Especially when the weather is hot and humid. One person in a building who does not pay attention to the above precautions can cause problems for everybody else.

Also, we would rather you contact is than try to spray or set out poison yourself. We will send someone to exterminate the whole building. If you only cover your own unit, chances are that you'll just drive them to other places in the building — aggravating the problem for someone else and leaving yourself vulnerable to their returning when the coast is clear.

More than that, the insecticides and rodenticides you can buy at the usual retail outlets are relatively ineffective in older buildings like ours, where the critters have lots of places to wait it out. KRF utilizes formulations especially developed for these situations.

Of course, one roach does not make an infestation, as Aesop would have said were he in Philadelphia today. But don't be shy about alerting us if you do spot one.

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