Silencing "nuisance" alarms in your building's fire safety system

All KRF buildings with more than two units have multi-sensor fire alarm systems as required by the Philadelphia Code. Unfortunately, these systems are prone to "nuisance alarms." These alarms are of two types:
  1. Loud signaling, indicating a smoke or fire condition when there is none.
  2. Low-level (but annoying) beeping, indicating a possible malfunction of a sensor or other component.

Any such problems should be reported to the KRF office. However, there is something you can do which will not compromise the protection of the building but will cut off the noise. Open the front panel and:
  1. Press "reset." The system will go through a diagnostic cycle and — if all is well — return to its normal state.
  2. If pressing "reset" doesn't work and the problem is the loud alarm signal, press "alarm silence."
  3. If pressing reset doesn't work and the problem is the low level beeping, press "trouble silence."

As noted, although these steps will alleviate the annoyance, they may indicate a need for the system to be serviced. Please notify KRF if you have had a problem. And, if you're leaving a message, please describe the situation and tell us what you've done.

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