Clogged drains? Call the office rather than using a chemical drain opener.

If your sink, tub, or toilet becomes clogged, please call the office for assistance. You can try using a plunger yourself, if you have one. But we would prefer that you don't pour any chemicals into the system. For three reasons:
  1. Notwithstanding the ads you may see on TV, they don't work very well.
  2. The chemicals can be rough on the piping and ultimately cause serious damage.
  3. The materials are quite caustic; if we have to send somebody to work on the drains and residues of the chemicals are still in the pipes, our people can get hurt.

We provide this as a part of our regular service. Unless we find that something's been dropped down the drain or that someone has been disposing of products such as tampons down the toilet or food wastes down the sink. In such cases, there will be a change.

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