Please don't leave your mail in the hallway; it may get sent back to the USPS

Mail for residents of KRF buildings is delivered in bulk through a slot in the outer door. Over the years, this has proved to be the best approach — avoiding access to hallways and mailboxes by unauthorized persons.

One downside of this practice is that vestibules sometimes get cluttered with mail. This includes items addressed to current residents that they don't pick up, letters addressed to people who no longer live in the building, junk mail addressed to nobody in particular, and stuff that's either addressed or delivered incorrectly.

Occasionally, someone's mail gets lost in the clutter of pieces left in the hallways for reasons like the above. You can help avoid missing items addressed to you picking up everything addressed to you on a timely basis; if it's junk mail you don't want, throw it into the trash on your way outside rather than just leave it to litter the area for your neighbors and guests.

KRF staff is making an effort to pick up unclaimed mail when cleaning the hallways on Mondays. This may result in items addressed to you being "returned to sender" if you don't pick them up yourself on a timely basis.

By the way, feel free to dispose of circulars and other junk mail not addressed to anyone in particular. It's easy to identify this material.

When in doubt, of course, don't dispose of anything.

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