Why should the mice eat the poison when the tenants are feeding them more appealing food?

The exterminator made his rounds yesterday. And, when he got back to the office, he said, "Why should the mice eat the poison I set out for them? Some of the tenants are leaving open containers of garbage in their apartments that Mickey and Minnie will find much more appealing."

Roaches, mice, and other pests are an inevitable fact of life in older high-density city neighborhoods. To minimize the problem, KRF has an extermination contract for most of our buildings. This means that a professional exterminator services the property on a monthly basis. Scheduled visits are on the third Monday of each month. Dates for the next few months are posted in the table at the end of this bulletin board.

Please keep this schedule in mind. The effectiveness of our contract is greatly diminished if you notify us right after the day of scheduled service that you have seen signs of pests. However, be aware that you can advise us of incipient problems at any time. Our normal practice is to have our own crew take remedial action first; if this doesn't prove effective, we will then request the extermination service to make a special visit.

Your effort in keeping your unit pest-free is also vital. Tenants who fail to remove trash, especially food and other organic wastes on a regular basis, are courting trouble. Likewise — those who don't use a good cleanser on grease that might spatter on the walls or floor near cooking appliances, or inside those appliances — are creating difficulties for themselves and for other residents of their buildings.

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