Bed- and other bugs & mice

KRF exterminates all units monthly on the second Tuesday of the month. The usual issues are roaches, ants, and mice – problems common to the whole geographic region.

As tenants, you can and should do your part to minimize conditions that attract these household pests. Mainly:

More than that, if you see any bugs or rodents, or even any signs of bugs or rodents, let us know right away so we can treat them properly. You don't have to, and shouldn't wait, until the regular extermination day. The sprays and other remedies sold at hardware and other stores are only marginally effectice compared to the remedies we employ so the do-it-yourself approach is a waste of time and money.

Vigilance is a particular issue with bedbugs! These insects that are beginning to invade the area. Once they enter a building, they are very difficult and expensive to exterminate. Since your unit will have been free of bedbugs when you moved-in, and these insects are brought-in – they do not come in on their own like most other insects – KRF may charge you for the extermination; this is a multi-week process requiring considerable time and expensive chemicals, and the cost can easilr run $300 to $500 or more.

The most common ways they make their appearance are:

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